Jeep Grand Cherokee Saves Family's Home From Falling Tree

A Jeep Grand Cherokee acted as a wedge between a large pine and imminent death. Jeeps really can do it all.

Have you ever parked under a tree, only to come back out later to see a fresh batch of bird droppings on it or a gallon of pine needles stuck in the windshield wiper area? Feeling some ire, right?

How about parking under a giant pine tree and having it uproot onto your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In what seems to be a reenactment of that Dominos Pizza commercial about the new pizza insurance feature, a Boston-area man's Jeep Grand Cherokee became a life saver by stopping a pine tree from crashing down into his family's home.


Check out the video from WBZ-TV below to see the tough-as-nails Jeep Grand Cherokee and to hear some wicked Boston accents.

The sport utility vehicle was parked between the house and the tree when hurricane-type winds whipped up, causing it to tip over and head toward the corner bedroom of the house where the man's sister and mom were.

Fortunately the SUV was parked in the right spot, holding up the tree like a superhero.

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