Jeep Wrangler Found Submerged in River, Still Had Lights On

Maybe the driver was trying to turn their Jeep Wrangler into a James Bond vehicle...?

Tangled in seaweed and shrouded in mystery, a Jeep Wrangler was found submerged underwater in the Kauai area with its headlights still on.

First off, we hope no one was injured in relation to his story. Second, this seems like the beginning of a pretty amazing Hawaii Five-O episode.

The green-colored Jeep was found following a single-vehicle crash in the Wainiha River on Kauai. Reports from the local Honolulu Star Advertiser explain that it's possible the truck hit the bridge and slowly rolled back into the water. But no driver was found, having fled the scene.

A local resident who heard the nearby crash happened upon the scene. The lights were still on and after the resident dove into the water to help out whoever was possibly inside discovered the Jeep was empty.

The local police are investigating the crash and have contacted the owner, but as of now it's still in the water. Really hoping they have flood damage coverage.

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