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Great Dane Becomes "Big Baby," Throws Tantrum for Dad's Attention

This jealous Great Dane isn't quite sure how he feels about his brother getting all the love...

Introducing a new member of the family is exciting, but it's also an adjustment. Dogs are a lot like children, and pet owners shouldn't be surprised when their adult dogs throw temper tantrums worthy of a two-year-old child.

That's what happens when Dinky, a rather vocal and expressive Great Dane, sees his brother Ro-Ro getting some good pets from their dad. One of the dogs isn't exactly thrilled to be left out in the cold...

With Mom looking on and the camera rolling, Dinky goes from grumbles to borks to huffs and puffs, ultimately flopping on his side in defeat as he realizes it's just not his turn for cuddles.

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Jealous Great Dane Throws Tantrum, Demands Rubs At Once


The jealous dog lets out huffs of frustration about the idea of sharing both his home and his owner with another dog. Dinky's grumbling is ultimately in vain, but something tells me it didn't take long before his turn for some love.

Though Great Danes can measure almost three feet tall at the shoulder in some cases, these big loafs are as affectionate a dog breed as you'll find. They're naturally protective of their owners, which doubles when there is a healthy dose of pets going on. These big dogs demand special care and attention for their size, but they reward their owner's efforts with plenty of love during their lives.

Just don't leave them out of the loop for long, or you are going to hear about it!

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