turkey that takes on a turkey hunter and his decoy

Jake Turkey Takes on a Turkey Hunter and his Decoy

Well, this Jake turkey has had it with these hunters.

This young gobbler is ready for a fight as it beats up both hunter and decoy.

Sometimes an animal can be bolder than it should be. That is certainly the case with this cocky young Jake turkey.

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This small gobbler is just full of itself in a video shared by Raised Hunting on Facebook and credited to Cody Kipp. The Jake comes in like a pro boxer ready to go. When it encounters the decoy it begins beating it into pieces. When a hunter leaves the safety of the hunting blind to save the decoy the turkey takes on both of them. The hunter runs with decoy in hand and a very hostile turkey in hot pursuit.

Would you believe this hunting story if it was not caught on video? This one would be certainly a tall tale.