Screen Grab via Twitter/@jawaan_taylor74

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Jawaan Taylor Catches a Scale-Tipping Grouper with BlacktipH

Even the pros are getting in on some awesome saltwater fishing this season.

NFL tackle Jawaan Taylor is listed at 312 pounds, according to That's pretty big, even for a professional lineman, but it still doesn't reach the weight of the massive Goliath Grouper he caught while fishing in Florida last week.

It appears he was on board a boat with one of our favorite YouTube video creators and saltwater anglers, BlacktipH.

Otherwise known as Josh Jorgensen, the talented and experienced fisherman has covered the Florida saltwater scene, and gone on to become the go-to guy when you want to get help hooking up with a fish like this. Taylor went to Twitter to share both a video of the catch, as well as the obligatory "side of the boat" photo.

Not only was the catch impressive, but the release had some pizzaz too. Check out what Taylor's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did.

To hop into the water with a fish more than twice your weight has got to be a heart-pounding moment! What an epic tail flap at the end!

Goliath Groupers can get much bigger, with 800 pounds not out of the realm of possibility. Do you think Taylor would have had similar luck with a fish that big?