Jack Wolfskin Lakeside Roll-Up Shirt Review: The Outdoor Shirt With UVShield and Mosquito Protection

We tried out the Jack Wolfskin Lakeside Roll-Up Shirt with Mosquito Protection and UVShield.

Outdoor shirts are bursting with features nowadays, some worthwhile and some unnecessary. While a cotton t-shirt has its place, avid outdoorsmen have discovered there are certain things they need that give them an advantage, and there are other things that aren't as valuable as they may seem.

There's a good balance in the features of a new-to-us long sleeve button up we were able to try out this season, the Jack Wolfskin Lakeside Roll-Up Shirt.

If you're unfamiliar with the name, Jack Wolfskin is a leading manufacturer of outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment in Europe, and is claimed as the biggest German franchisor in sport and outdoor apparel. They've been around since the early 80s, and have established a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts with their value-driven gear and free returns option.

The Lakeside does its job and does it well, and impressed me with its functionality and sharp looks.

Jack Wolfskin Lakeside Roll-Up Shirt Features

First and foremost, the Mosquito Proof attribute is powered by a Biocide-free fabric construction that protects against bites, a welcome feature in the area of Central Texas where I do most of my local fishing. Warm weather stretches deep into the fall down here, which means mosquitoes are plenty comfortable through most of the summer, and can maintain their presence into September and November.

If you want to get outdoors around these parts, you'll almost certainly be battling them.

With each session of wearing the Lakeside Roll-Up Shirt, I became even more of a believer in the mosquito-proof fabric's abilities. I was able to go trekking through the woods and venture out in a kayak onto several lakes and rivers, notorious for the stinging bugs, and didn't encounter the sort of nuisance I normally do. I was able to comfortably go about my business without any additional bug spray or repellant, which is really saying something.

Jack Wolfskin likes to refer to the shirt's material as "kind-to-skin fabric," and I'd have to agree. It isn't stiff or uncomfortable, but at the same time seems plenty sturdy and able to hold up to snags. The organic cotton has UV protection (UPF 40+), and the roll-up sleeves are secured with a plastic fastener tab. It doesn't exactly turn it into a short sleeve shirt, but it rolls things up enough to be a little cooler and have a bit more range of arm motion.

Neither the back nor the arm pits are vented like some fishing shirts, but that doesn't mean it's terribly hot or cumbersome to wear, even on sunny, warm days. The material isn't meant to be breathable or stretch, so if that's the sort of outdoor shirt you're looking for, you'll have to look elsewhere and likely sacrifice the mosquito-proof qualities.

The shirt comes in khaki, night blue, and sand dune colors, and includes a zippered chest pocket (ideal for a phone while kayak fishing). The brand's website says the zipper repels pickpockets, but that's a bit of a stretch. No one's ever tried to swipe anything out of my chest pockets, but it's good to know whatever's in there is secure.

Though I used it since the early summer mainly as a fishing shirt, I could see the Lakeside serving well for a backpacking trip or even a backyard evening get together. There is an accompanying pair of Lakeside Pants available, which seem like the perfect combination in particularly buggy situation.

You can see the whole selection of Jack Wolfskin men and women apparel, plus the kid's gear and packs available online at their website us.JackWolfskin.com.