41 Italian Dog Names Made for Your Little Meatball

Whether you have a little (or a lot!) of Italian ancestry in you, have an Italian dog breed, or simply just love Italian culture, these Italian dog names will be perfect for your new pup.

Buongiorno! Here in the United States, we have so many influences from Italy: pasta, cars, gelato, and who can forget pizza! Yes, we really do love everything Italian. We also love Italian dog breeds. Whether your new puppy is a small dog like an Italian Greyhound, or the loyal Cane Corso, or if you plan to hunt truffles with your Lagotto Romagnolo, Italian dog breeds comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Look for the perfect name for your new Italian pup in our list of Italian dog names, and embrace that inner (or not so inner) Italian in you. Bellisima!

41 Dog Names Your Nonna Will Approve Of

1. Aldo
2. Amore (we all know Italian is the love language!)
3. Bella
4. Bruno
5. Brando (also a great name for fans of the late Marlon Brando!)
6. Bambino
7. Bianca (meaning white in Italian, this name will be great for a white dog!)
8. Ciao
9. Cannoli (ok I MIGHT be impartial to this Italian name since it's my own pup's name!)

10. Cesare/Caesar
11. Carina (means cute in Italian)
12. Corrado
13. Cappuccino
14. Dolce (Italian word for sweet, this is the perfect name for any sweet dog breed...so any dog really!)
15. Donatello
16. Elmo
17. Enzo
18. Espresso
19. Faro (Italian word for lighthouse)
20. Ferrari
21. Fabio (we all know who this is named after!)
22. Florence
23. Gelato
24. Galileo/Leo/Leonardo
25. Luigi (Mario brothers anyone?)

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26. Mario
27. Marco
28. Milan
29. Michelangelo
30. Nero (Italian word for black — this one would be perfect for an Italian black dog!)
31. Pesto
32. Primo (means first in Italian)
33. Piccolo (meaning small in Italian, this is such a cute name for a small dog!)
34. Roma/Rome
35. Sorriso (Italian word for smile)
36. Tiramisu
37. Tino
38. Ugo
39. Versace
40. Valentino/Valentina
41. Venice

Bonus names!

42. Biscotti
43. Scampi
44. Vito/Vita (Latin word for life)
45. Pavarotti
46. Romeo (cute name for your little Romeo!)
47. Meatball (um, of course!)

Do you have a favorite Italian dog name? Do you live with an Italian dog breed? Share your pooch on our Wide Open Pets Facebook page!

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