It Took Clay Newcomb 5 Years To Arrow This 550 Pound Oklahoma Black Bear

It Took Clay Newcomb 5 Years to Arrow This 550-Pound Oklahoma Black Bear

The oldest and biggest animals are often the toughest to hunt. Here's the story of Clay Newcomb's five-year quest to harvest a 550-pound Oklahoma black bear.

Few things excite Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb more than the challenge of finding and shooting a massive bear. For that reason, he's travelled all over North America from Arkansas to Saskatchewan in search of truly gigantic bears.

In this case, he spent several years of his life trying to turn the tables on a 550-pound Oklahoma black bear he named "Batman."

Bears that size are the fruit of many years of good conservation practice and only exist with the right combination of genetics, nutrition, and age class in the local bear population. Not only are they pretty rare, but they don't get that big by being dumb either. That's why they are so challenging to hunt. 

After hunting Batman for several years, Clay felt like he knew enough about the bear to make a serious move this fall. Watch the video to see how he put everything together to finally arrow that gigantic 550-pound Oklahoma black bear in October 2018.

Great work Clay! That's an incredible bear and it's awesome to see everything come together for you after so much hard work.

Obviously, Clay devoted a lot of time and energy towards finding Batman. However, it really looks like the Redneck Buck Palace blind helped put him over the top. Redneck blinds aren't cheap, but that blind looked like it gave him just the edge he needed to beat Batman's nose during that hunt.

Those blinds do make great gifts for hunters. So, if you're a serious bear (or deer) hunter, you might want to consider adding a Redneck Blind to your wish list this year. Who knows, it might help you beat the nose of a wary boar or buck when you need it the most.

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