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It May Say Harley-Davidson on the Front, but This Beast Ain't No Motorcycle

Is there anything better than a large-scale custom project? Even if you're not actively working on any projects of your own, anyone can appreciate a top-notch custom job secondhand, and thanks to YouTube, we've gotten to see our fair share of talented and resourceful folks doing what they do best.

Take the good people over at Advanced Detailing Sofla, for example. According to their YouTube page, they specialize in the "detailing of high end luxury cars, exotics, muscle cars, and specialty vehicles." Judging from the Harley-Davidson Ford F-350 super duty truck shown in the above video, the ADS team definitely knows what they're doing. They made this thing POP.

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From a pure specs standpoint, this truck is a stone-cold beast. Not only does it come completely stacked with the massive amount of torque and horsepower you'd except it to, but the crew cab is absolutely massive as well. Come on, this truck's got six doors. Six doors! Also, those gigantic tires look like they could do some serious damage on any off-roading course.

Besides the epically rugged body style, the F-350 also has a sleek interior, with nice leather seats and enough space to transport a full-blown family reunion. That reunion hypothetical would make for quite the chaotic one, though. Everyone would be fighting over who gets to drive this monstrosity.

There's so much to love about this tricked-out truck. To be honest, this could be the next face of the "Built Ford Tough" campaign. If only we could see this thing on the road, though it almost looks too good to put through an off-roading course. Maybe this detailing crew did too good of a job?

This post was originally published on July 31, 2019.

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