Is This Unbelievable Mule Deer Buck the Biggest You've Ever Seen?

You won't believe your eyes when you see the footage of this monster mule deer. It looks even bigger when it turns it's head.

Nothing quite gets the blood pumping and the itch for the hunting season underway than the sight of a monster buck. This mule deer doesn't disappoint as he flaunts his impressive head gear for all to see. The question is, is this one of the biggest mule deer on the planet? Sure, many will argue they have seen bigger, and their might be some running around on ranches, but there is no doubt this thing is a hog.

From straight on he looks massive, but then as he turns his head, he seems to get larger. Along with his tall tines and huge frame, the buck has a ton of unique characteristics and junk coming off his tines. Imagine this thing working towards you on a hunt.

We are not positive what state the video was from, but you can bet that would be the trophy of a lifetime. Therefore, you may have to do some research yourself if you want to chase the giant. If you told us this didn't get you fired up for the upcoming season, you would be lying.

We will leave the score guessing to you, but this deer for sure would be getting an arrow flung at it if it comes into range.

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