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Buck Does His Best UFC Impression with a Flying Kick to the Head

Two nice bucks graze in this field and one is not happy with the other being there. This is some awesome trail cam footage that you gotta see.

It is that time of year! Trail cameras are finding their way off the shelves and onto trees. We all head out to check cameras in our free time in hopes of getting a glimpse of that monster buck on your property.

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds and now we are blessed with videos along with pictures. This Moultrie camera happened to catch some gnarly footage of an awesome whitetail interaction and we are glad it did.

Watch as these two bucks calmly graze this grass patch, when all of the sudden one buck finds something he doesn’t like and doesn’t hesitate to let the other buck know.

Doing his best UFC impression, the buck misses the other bucks head by just a few inches. If the flying kick connected, we may have had a whitetail KO on film and it would have been one for the ages.

Trail cameras are a great scouting tool, and can often bring some pretty cool entertainment to the table as you can see.

If there is anything to learn from this video, it is that this buck is aggressive and it might be a good buck to target with a decoy this year.

What is the coolest thing you have ever captured on trail cam?


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Buck Does His Best UFC Impression with a Flying Kick to the Head