mirror turkey blind
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Is This Rolling, Reflective Blind a Genius Hunting Innovation, or Not So Much?

These guys made a turkey hunting blind out of mirrors?

Nowadays in the era of social media, we have the privilege of seeing some of the world's most creative individuals find innovative ways to earn an edge in the woods.

This is especially true when it comes to turkey hunting, as the art of manipulation is paramount in executing a successful harvest.

Turkeys are unquestionably some of nature's most interesting creatures, largely because of their vocal communication. While other animals communicate vocally, none are as responsive as a wild turkey, which is what makes hunting them so special.

However, they also have killer vision, which requires hunters to take extensive measure to hide themselves, whether that's with top-shelf camouflage, ground blinds bought at the store or blinds made from natural elements.

In recent years, though, many hunters have followed a trend of going to the bird rather than letting it come to them, using large fans of turkey feathers to cover themselves up.

By shielding themselves, they're able to essentially waddle up to the bird at a slow pace right before dropping the feathers and taking a shot from point-blank range.

These guys took a different approach, though. Instead of using feathers, they created what looks like a chrome fence that mirrors the ground ahead, making themselves virtually invisible.

Watch the video below:

No one could ever argue that this isn't a cool idea. It's definitely one that makes you think, "How did I never think of that?"

However, like many hunting innovations, it also makes you wonder if it's too good of an idea.

I mean, on one hand, it's just another form of camouflage and it serves the same purpose a turkey fan does. But on the other, it seems like it's maybe a little cheap, and perhaps a little unethical.

What are your thoughts? Is this going too far? Let us know!