pizza bulletproof
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Is a Big Stack of Pizza Bulletproof? Find Out Right Now

If it was your only option for body armor, could pizza be bulletproof? Thanks to Furious Pete and Demolition Ranch, you will finally know the answer.

Here's the situation: you are in the frozen foods section at the grocery store without your firearm, and you hear someone start shooting. You have no body armor and need to find a way to get out safely to make it home. The closest thing to you is a giant stack of frozen pizzas!

The question on your mind: "Is pizza bulletproof?" Well, if you don't know the answer, today's your lucky day, because thanks to Furious Pete and Demolition Ranch, you will get to find out for sure if they will save your life or not!

Plausible...yes. Practical? Not at all. You would be much more likely to make it out by just ducking and running than by trying to grasp twenty-plus pizzas to your chest and walk out while keeping all of the pizzas between you and the shooter. But, you might want to grab one pizza on the way out, just to help with the recovery...

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