Harvest black bears
YouTube: Tim Wells Bow Hunter

Hunter Successfully Harvests Black Bear With a Blow Gun

Do you think it's possible to harvest black bears with something as small as a blow gun?

In this Canadian adventure, Tim Wells throws a lethal spear at his first black bear. Spear hunting bears isn't farfetched for Tim. However, he takes it a step further and attempts to kill a black bear with a blow gun.

It sounds insane and it probably is, but if Tim can harvest black bears with a spear and a blow gun, what's he going to try next?

Watch the video below:

First of all, if you aren't proficient with a blow gun, don't try this. Tim's an expert who practices on small game constantly before he attempts wild game animals like a black bear.

Thus, he knows exactly where to shoot for a lethal shot. Similarly, his darts are razor-sharp for a quick, humane kill. He sharpens his darts with fine sand paper for the perfect edge.

He also loosens the cap on the dart, so when the dart penetrates, it makes a clean pass through the bear's thick hide.

Tim's dart travels at a speed of 195 feet per second, which he shoots right under 20 yards. For comparison, a lot of bows shoot around 300 feet per second.

Bear populations are large in Canadian provinces and spring bear hunting season sees the influx of many bear hunters from the United States each year. Black bear harvest percentages are typically pretty good, but be sure to find a reputable outfitter before booking just any hunt. Black bear tags aren't necessarily hard to get, but the travel and lodging expenses add up quickly.

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