Iowa is Having a Record Year with Some Incredible Whitetails

All taken with bows, Iowa has put some absolute monster bucks down this fall. Take a look at these giants!

As we all know, Iowa is no slouch in the deer hunting game. That's why so many whitetail hunters apply for a tag every year and don't hesitate to spend the big money if they have to.

The potential is there and big bucks roam every section of land you come across. And to no surprise, Iowa is having a record year in terms of big bucks.

Trophy Bucks of Iowa posted each of these photos along with each deer's score. Having a record year for sure! Clockwise from the top left, the bucks scored 254 6/8, 234, 242, 225, 201 typical and 203 typical. They measured all scores in gross inches.


These photos are a true testament to the state of Iowa and its deer herd. The sad part is that I'd seen most of these bucks before this post, and when I came across the photos and stories, other hunters had filled the comment sections with hate and doubt.

Personally, that kind of stuff irritates me. I know how much time and effort I put into deer hunting, and if I worked my tail off and legally tagged the buck of a lifetime, those are the last things I'd want to hear.

Congrats to all of these guys on an incredible season so far. It seems as if 200-inch deer are getting more and more common these days with land management practices, food plot technology and good genetics. Maybe one day I'll get lucky and find my way into the 200-inch club.