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Don't Let Anyone Tell You Bobcats Don't Affect the Deer Population


Bobcats are powerful, agile and extremely quick predators. This video proves just that.

Bobcats are fascinating animals. They're very intriguing to humans, especially hunters. I've often heard arguments and discussions that they don't affect deer populations and that they aren't big or strong enough to take down a whitetail.

Well, I think this proves that's not the case. Sure, this is a yearling deer, but it takes the deer with no problem at all. And, I've seen videos of a larger bobcats doing the same to an adult doe.

Don't underestimate the power of these little felines.

Amazing Video!!! East Texas hunter catches bobcat taking down a yearling on video! Marion County! Everyone will have their opinion on what they would have done but to see in action what many people doubt is great!! Predators are a problem!

Posted by 903 Outdoors on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Seeing that in person would be quite the encounter. It kind of makes you wonder what a bobcat would be capable of doing to you on the way to the stand.

The eerie sounds of the attack tell us everything we need to know about the nature and power of the food chain.



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Don't Let Anyone Tell You Bobcats Don't Affect the Deer Population