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Iowa DNR Reminds Shed Hunters About the Importance of a Salvage Tag

DNR reminds hunters of the need for a salvage tag.

Nearly every hunter in Iowa is talking about the monster buck Tyler Knott recently found in the southern part of the state. We first shared the news of this discovery with you a short time ago.

This massive buck is rumored to have died during the 2016 season, but was only recently found. It's also rumored to have grossed over the magical 200-inch mark, an incredibly rare thing for a typical buck. It means the eyes of the whitetail world are likely to be on this buck for a while until an official score comes out.

But while everyone else is freaking out over the massive antlers, the Iowa DNR is using the find as a teaching moment regarding the state's laws.

In a post on their Facebook page, they remind shed hunters picking up such a find is illegal if you don't obtain a salvage tag from the state.

If you're lucky this winter, you may find some shed deer antlers. If you're REALLY lucky, like Tyler Knott, you'll find a rack like this!

REMINDER: if you find antlers still attached to a skull, like this, you need to first call your local DNR conservation officer for a salvage tag, like the yellow one in the photo.

Most of us likely won't be lucky enough to make such an incredible find, but we do appreciate the reminder. Now, if you'll excuse us, the photo of this massive buck again has us pumped to get out and do some shed hunting!


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