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Iowa Bee Farm Vandalized Leaving Half a Million Honey Bees Dead

Two boys have been charged with felonies.

An Iowa bee farm in Sioux City, 156 miles northwest of Des Moines, was horrifically vandalized on Dec. 27. The damage was caused by two young boys, ages 12 and 13, who destroyed all 50 hives at the Wild Hill Honey bee farm.

500,000 honey bees were killed when they were released into the icy air.

"All of the beehives on the honey farm were destroyed and approximately 500,000 bees perished in the frigid temperatures," the Sioux City Police Department said after the incident.

The young boys face felony charges of first-degree criminal mischief and agriculture animal facilities offenses, third-degree burglary, and possession of burglar's tools, which is an aggravated misdemeanor. The boys have not been named since they are minors and there is no statement yet as to why they committed the awful destruction.


The Wild Hill Honey farm was unsure if they could continue their business after their beehives were destroyed. Luckily, due to contributions and support from the public, they will be able to operate once again in the spring. They were able to salvage some of the equipment and will hopefully get new bees as the weather gets warmer.

The pure, local honey company is run by Justin and Tori Engelhardt, who are both more than grateful for their community's support.

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