Intentional Robinhood
YouTube: Chris Bee

Archer Sets Off to See How Many Shots it Takes for an Intentional "Robinhood"

How many shots does it take to intentionally get a "Robinhood?"

All bowhunters have heard of a "Robinhood." For those not in the know, that is when one of your shots lodges in the back end of an arrow already embedded in the target. Many archers have had this happen to them while practicing on a tight group. It almost always happens on accident though.

After all, arrows are extremely expensive and ramming one into the back of another can essentially ruin two of them on one shot. Still, getting a "Robinhood" is something of a mark of pride because of how difficult it is to accomplish.

Most archers do not try to do this intentionally though. YouTuber Chris Bee decided he would try though. He starts off in the evening at 20 yards and keeps filming until he finally gets one. Just to see how many shots it takes.

Some people might be wanting to put an asterisk next to this Robinhood since he did have to close the gap to 16 yards, and he also had to remove the nock of one arrow to make it happen. However, this is still an impressive feat we do not care who you are. I bowhunted for years, and despite many long hours on the range, I never once had a Robinhood.

In my case, it was usually just broken nocks and destroyed fletchings when my groups got too tight. Perhaps even more impressive than the Robinhood itself was the fact that Chris shot 102 times using a bow with a 76-pound draw weight. Then he also had to pull all those arrows out every six to seven shots? We do not care who you are, that is a workout, and way more effort than we could put into a feat like this!

Awesome shooting Chris, and great job on those groups. It looks like you are already ready for the fall hunting seasons!

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