Feel the Intensity as Alligators Surround a Small Fishing Kayak

Would you be brave enough to float only a couple feet above alligators while bass fishing?

Scott Martin is, and he demonstrates how hard it is to successfully reel in a bass before it gets eaten. I'd be more worried about getting eaten myself!

Up north, the closest thing we have to an alligator is a 7" soft plastic lizard. I can't even imagine fishing alongside a 7' life-size gator!

Fear of tipping your kayak takes on a whole new meaning in these waters. Scott and his partner can be seen fishing around numerous alligators throughout this video. They weren't the only creature that was plentiful though, over 100 bass were caught during their excursion as well. Few big ones were filmed, but perhaps that's because the older bass are smart enough to steer clear of larger predators.

If you're an avid kayak fisherman or woman, the everglades will surely satisfy your appetite for doing things the hard way. It's too bad they don't sell gator spray for self-defense! I'd be much more tempted to test this style of fishing out if they did.

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