Inside Garmin's Groundbreaking Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight

If you're a bowhunter and haven't seen what the Xero™ A1i Bow Sight can do, it's time to investigate.

The Xero™ A1i Bow Sight from Garmin has sent the bowhunting world into hyper speed, and the technological direction they're sending us in is going to make a lot of differences in the way we shot our bows.

The auto-ranging digital bow sight automatically measures the distance to the target and provides an LED pin for the shot, making practice that much more valuable, and an actual hunt that much more promising.

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The days of self-set pins and painstakingly long sighting in processes are likely over.

The Xero A1i's LED pins allow you to clearly see your target, so your view is completely unobstructed by physical pins and the arms that hold them in place. There are even dual-color LED pins so you can easily distinguish between what you're seeing without anything to impede your sight.

Silent single-button trigger requires minimal movement, which makes finding a range at rest or full draw equally as easy. The technology built in to the sight lets you range up to 100 yards on a deer or turkey, or up to 300 yards on reflective targets.

The Xero A1i can also be used in conjunction with Garmin's Laser Locate™ feature, which connects to a compatible Garmin GPS device to know exactly where the target was located when the shot or range was taken. This is already proving invaluable when it comes to recovering game, or at least making good decisions when it needs to be done.

And for those of you who are skeptical of anything battery-operated failing in the field, the Xero A1i achieves one year of battery life with just two lithium AAA batteries.