This Mind-Boggling Archery Shot on a Lifesaver Candy Speaks for Itself

Chris Brackett never ceases to entertain us. He keeps that record going strong with this insane archery trick shot.

Chris Brackett has been bringing us great content for many years in the industry. A personality like no other, many either love him or hate him. Whatever side you are on, you can not argue that he isn't entertaining and a great shot with a bow.

Besides being able to outsmart mature deer, there is a reason Brackett kills some big deer. That is because he is dead eye with a stick and string. This video is proof of that, as he smokes what seems to be a lifesaver out of the air with his Elite compound bow.

Chris continues to show off these incredible skills year after year at shows like the Great American Outdoor Show. Of course, you will hear the haters, but this is some serious talent.

If you have shot a bow before, you should understand and respect just how difficult this is.
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