Indiana Police Warn About License Plate Scam

It's probably a good thing to have your license plate memorized.

Police in the town of Fishers, Indiana, about 30 minutes northeast of Indianapolis, recently sent out some warning signals about a rather suspicious license plate scam.

According to a Facebook post sent out by the local police, two men in a powder blue pickup tried to get a woman to pull over with an almost-convincing tactic of holding up what they tried to pass as her license plate.

The driver of the pickup pulled up alongside the other car acting as a Good Samaritan, holding up a license plate that he said had fallen off her car. To the scammers' dismay the potential victim knew her license plate number and realized something was a little fishy.

Avoiding any possible danger, the female driver aptly drove away and called police. Within minutes Fishers Police Department sent out a Facebook flash urging the community to report similar activity.

It's always a good rule of thumb to take a little more caution when pulling over for civilian or unmarked police vehicles, especially powder blue pickup trucks with loud exhaust. The driver did the right thing and went with her instincts on this one, and knowing her license plate number definitely helped to keep any danger at bay. Take some extra precautions on the road will help protect you and yours from any possible dangers.

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