Indiana hunting laws

Indiana Hunting Laws Set to Change Slightly, but a Few Big Moves on the Horizon

Better brush up on your Indiana hunting laws if any of these possible new proposals get passed. 

Everything is evolving and hunting is no different. Every so often, lawmakers have to look at what's already on the books and what might need to change to make those laws more current with the times. Indiana hunting laws get looked at every year and new rules and regulations usually happen with every season. For this next round, though, there are a few big changes that might take effect. There are others that nobody will even notice, though.

Starting March 14th, there will be a public hearing to allow constituents of the state to voice support or opposition to some of these changes.

For example, Indiana is considering allowing hunters to pursue squirrels and foxes from a boat. However, the hunter would still need landowner permission, and the motor would have to be turned off. I'm not sure why this is a thing, but hey, if you want to hunt from a boat, why not?

Indiana is also opening a discussion regarding the hunting of nuisance animals on state parks and historic sites. Only authorized permit holders would be allowed to take these animals, which include skunks, squirrels, coyotes, opossums and raccoons.

One other big change is the addition of a bobcat hunting season. The limit is proposed to be one bobcat per person for the entire state and the zones are to be restricted. This would mark the first time bobcat hunting would be legal in Indiana in many years.

There's a list of other proposed changes, too. If you'd like to see them, just go here. Otherwise, pay attention to the state hunting book when it comes out in the fall.