One of the Best Slo-Mo Videos Ever is of Just... Waves

You'll want to put this video of slowly moving ocean waves on a loop and just get lost in its visual poetry, because it is simply mesmerizing. 

Three artists combine talents to create a dramatic and moving spectacle of ocean waves at their most theatrically dynamic. This is more than nature showing off; this is the human manipulation of nature, to create a completely different and otherworldly reality.

Armand Dijcks is a creator of cinemagraphs, an art form where still photographs are manipulated to include small, repetitious movements, giving the impression or illusion that the viewer is watching a video.

Often, cinemagraphs are used in animated GIFS, but in this case they are combined with music to create a seven minute film of stunning beauty.

Dijcks took the oceanscape still photographs of Australian photographer Ray Collins, whose work we've shared with you before, and set them in motion. He then enlisted the talents of composer André Heuvelman from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, along with pianist Jeroen van Vliet to record a very moving soundtrack specifically for these cinemagraphs.

The result is amazing and enthralling. This is, in my opinion, an example of where humans have taken something from nature and, if not improved upon it certainly they have enhanced it or created something that is new and that makes you long for more.

We feel a similar experience when viewing time lapse films of nature, though those have a beginning and and ending. These cinemagraphs appear to go on forever, with no definitive ending. And that makes them very meditative and hypnotic.

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