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Photographer Captures the Majestic Power of Ocean Waves [PICS]

All images via Bored Panda

Rarely do still images of single waves feel so full of movement, energy and color. 

Aquatic Elements

Although Warren Keelan grew up near the ocean on the South East Coast of Australia, it’s only recently that he’s begun making it the source for much of his art. Keelan has been involved in photographing the ocean for just about four years. The superb quality and emotion his photographs of ocean waves display is astounding.

Keelan’s love of the Southern coastline is captured from a very unique perspective, not just from above or alongside the water, but from within the ocean itself.

More fantastic sea and landscape photography may be found at Warren Keelan’s website.

Click through the slideshow started to see 14 stunning images of the sea.

All images via Bored Panda

Dark Crest

Crystal Eye

Silver Helix



Ocean Light

Aquatic Elements

Lucent Arc

Sea Dragon

Pastel Sunset


Sea Hawk



Keep going for more brilliant sea photographs.

The Sea As You’ve Never Seen It Before

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Photographer Captures the Majestic Power of Ocean Waves [PICS]