Introducing G2R RIP, the Most Devastating Self Defense Round Out There

Check out this awesome video featuring the G2R RIP: a type of handgun ammunition that offers excellent penetration and devastating terminal performance.

Designed by G2 Research in Winder, Georgia, the Radically Invasive Projectile (RIP), is one of the most advanced types of self-defense handgun ammunition on the market today.

Check out this video by Rare Content to see some of the details of the RIP bullet.

Obviously, this is a marketing video made by the company that produces the RIP bullet, so it certainly is painting the bullet in the most favorable light possible.

However, the RIP bullet is still an intriguing concept and just might live up to the hype. From the looks of that video, I certainly wouldn't want to be a surgeon operating on someone who got shot with one of those bullets.

G2R currently produces the bullet in .380 & .45 ACP in addition to 9mm (which you saw in the video). They are marketing this bullet for self-defense and CCW applications, especially for female shooters.

I'm not sure that I'd use the RIP for self-defense quite yet, but I think I might buy a box or two and see how they work on the range.

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