Inaugural MONSTERBASS Subscription Box is a Sign These Guys Are Serious

The MONSTERBASS subscription box isn't like the others.

You've got to hand it to a company that decides to launch a line of fishing subscription boxes in 2019. To be fair, it's a concept that's been around for a while, and not just in the fishing game.

But the folks behind MONSTERBASS deserve a handshake, because they've managed to emerge from the pack already with their inaugural 2019 delivery, which was followed by their second box in late June. Ours showed up right at the end of May, just like MONSTERBASS said it would, and we were eager to dive in.

For a quick explainer of the concept, we'll let this short video do the talking.

Could they really back up their claim of providing the absolute best stuff on the fishing market, while still saving anglers an arm and a leg compared to buying them separately?

All indications point to yes.

Of course, the best way to really answer that is to get after another question. What's in the box?

We didn't want to spoil anything for potential customers who still stood a chance at receiving this inaugural box, but seeing as the team at MONSTERBASS already did a great job of describing and applying the baits in this box with smart, useful YouTube videos, then it's about time we spill the beans.

Our MONSTERBASS Subscription Box Review

You can choose between five regional bass fishing options, depending on where you fish. Since we're in Texas, we went with the obvious bass-heavy South Region. The whole concept of the company is bass-heavy, so it's like we're in the perfect spot for a MONSTERBASS subscription.

First off, the LIVETARGET Baitball Series Crankbait in Threadfin Shad caught our eye. It's a great example of the sort of bait you ponder using, but can't justify spending the money on. MONSTERBASS scored big points right off the bat with that choice.

Things moved on from there to a Booyah Blade Spinnerbait (flashy), an Original Rat-L-Trap (classic), some Diachi offset hooks (required), and Z Man Finesse Shroomz (jigheads for Ned rigging). That's a pretty nice lineup, as is the rest of the gear you could have received in the first box. Each box contains eight of the month's selections, so there are different combinations available, all full of good stuff.

They didn't skimp on the soft baits either, with a pack of Strike King Rage Tail Craws, some C-Shad dropshot or jig head baits from Doomsday Tackle, Color Changing Worms from SmartBaits, and the companion to the Z Man jig head: a pack of TRD TicklerZ.

All in all, my collection of new baits (which all instantly found a spot in my tackle box, and a few of which have already shown some success) would have cost around $56 purchased one-by-one. The subscription service promises at least $50 of tackle per box.

So, the other ultimate question comes up: How much is a MONSTERBASS monthly subscription?

You can start with one month at $35.99, then move up to 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans that stretch your dollar down incrementally to $31.99 per month (which shakes out to $36 savings over the course of a 12-month year).

That's mighty competitive when you stack it up to the others, and shipping is free with open cancellation policies.

And like a good company should, MONSTERBASS is aggressively gathering feedback from their customers, in hopes of making even better boxes as the months move forward. They care about the folks on the other end of the subscription box delivery, and it's showing already.

They encourage folks to snap photos and share feedback on social media, using #MONSTERBASS and #TheBetterBox for a chance to win even more cool bass fishing tackle. Like most other subscription services, they're also offering discount coupons for use in their online store should you want to re-up on the baits.

Reviews from around the fishing community are positive, and we're looking forward to seeing what they do next. MONSTERBASS isn't just a cool new subscription box, it's a company worth paying attention to.