In Honor of Shark Week: Dude Perfect Style

What's not to love about shark week?

It's a weeklong celebration of one of the greatest predatory fish on Earth! There's plenty of teeth, shark attack stories, and of course, theme music from Jaws.

Check out YouTube sensations Dude Perfect as they try their hand at shark fishing.

Dude Perfect does it again, this time they showcase how exciting fishing sharks from a beach at night can be. You can tell they were a bit nervous as they had to wade into the surf a short ways as they landed each shark.

Can you blame them?

Getting your foot or hand in the wrong spot could spell a bloody disaster. Not to mention impaling yourself with one of those heavy duty shark hooks would surely result in a trip to the hospital.

If you're a fisherman with an appetite for thrill seeking, shark fishing from shore should be at the top of your bucket list.

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