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Image Shows Mule Deer Movement Over a Two-Year Period

mule deer

This mule deer tracking image should give hunters some insight on the distance some deer travel!

Texas Parks and Wildlife posted this amazing photo that could tell a hunter 1,000 words on mule deer habitat.

The image below shows the deer’s movement over a two-year period.

mule deer
Photo from: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife posted this caption on their Facebook page where they originally posted the image.

“Buck #50 wore a GPS collar for 2 years, the collar recorded a location every hour. This map shows his movement over the 2 year period, red dots were the 1st year as a 1.5 year old, green dots were the 2nd year as a 2.5 year old buck. It is 6 miles from the very northern dot to the very southernmost dot and the area outlined in black is approximately 8,000 acres in size. It takes quite a bit of country to effectively manage mule deer populations.”

As you can see, this type of information can be extremely useful when it comes to how wildlife organizations help manage deer herds.

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Image Shows Mule Deer Movement Over a Two-Year Period