sarah bowmar

Watch Sarah Bowmar Smoke a Monster Velvet Mule Deer with Her Bow

Buckle up folks, Sarah Bowmar is at it again!

It is no secret that big mule deer are one tough animal to spot and stalk with a bow. On these open plains there are many different factors that are in the animal's favor, so anything can go wrong. Well, after five days of hunting, the pressure was on as Sarah Bowmar had still yet to fill her tag.

Watch the video below to see how she pulls it all together and bags one heck of a buck!

This video is proof that if you have the wind in your favor, giving a few spooked deer their space can make or break the rest of your hunt. In Sarah's case, they moved slowly and let the animals make their way over the ridge before continuing on with their stalk. Without  that crucial decision, the hunt could have ended very differently.

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