Joe Galloy/Facebook

Video: Illinois Shed Hunter Gets Bum-Rushed By a Tom Turkey

We think it's safe to say, spring is definitely in the air!

Wildlife can be downright wacky at times. This Illinois shed hunter can certainly back that statement up.

Joe Galloy had a pretty interesting encounter while working a crop field for antlers March 16. Having already found a sweet set of bone, he continued on with his search.

That's when he was joined with an over-eager Tom turkey, who made a bee-line for Galloythen stuck to him like glue.

Here's what he had to say about the experience in a Facebook post:

"Found one of the two deer I was looking for today. If that wasn't exciting enough, Mr. Tom decided to have some input!! Sorry for the f bomb about 30-40 seconds in to the fight but I couldn't believe this happened to me of all people. Once in a lifetime opportunity here. Excited and somewhat fearful. Again sorry for the one slip! Please watch the entire film for your viewing pleasure!"

Man, you do need to get a turkey tag!

What a cool experience, Joe. Hopefully that feathered fella is still friendly once hunting season commences.

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