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If You Want to Know How to Catch a Record Fish, This is the Guy to Ask

Records are meant to be broken, and this guy thinks there is a method to breaking personal records, state records, and world records for fish.

How to catch a record fish? It's science, according to this guy.

Ok, first thought that comes to mind when you see this title is... is this guy crazy? How can you know how to catch record fish?

I air on that side of that too, thinking this guys thoughts are a little far fetched. But he claims him and his group have broken 9 world records. He says you can get lucky, but when you break numerous records, there is a method to the madness.

And below is how he claims you can break records too.

After hearing him talk further on his points, they are all valid points. Pretty much fishing to the odds and taking steps to improve your location, baits, and fishing styles that will result in larger fish rather than quantity of fish.

Obviously there is no secret weapon or lure that will automatically make the biggest fish in a certain body of water bite, but you can make adjustments that will help your odds.

Putting in time is important, but not everyone will break records.

Choose the right body of water, throw baits that target better quality fish, and throw baits that get fish to react and lash out them. Big fish are like big bucks, they didn't get big for no reason. They are experienced and have survived in their surroundings, so you must make them make a mistake.

And who knew, big bass can be nocturnal as well. Wait are we fishing or talking about whitetails here?

So... maybe this guy isn't as crazy as the title sounds. But trust me, following these steps will not automatically lead to a record fish, but they could help.

Put the odds in your favor.

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