Now You Know: If a Komodo Dragon is Hunting You, it Can Taste You From Miles Away

The Komodo Dragon utilizes unique hunting tactics to taste the air and find its prey.

Equipped with an extremely sensitive tongue, a Komodo Dragon literally licks the air and tastes where its target has been. Instead of using speed to hunt, the Komodo Dragon relies on this stealthy method to find meals.

The tongue of this reptile allows it to track down its victims by collecting particles and then spreading them on its Jacobson's organ (a scent organ at the roof of the mouth) for analysis. Because the tongue is split widely, the animal can determine which direction - right or left - the target went.

Check out this video for more details and footage of a Komodo Dragon using this unique predatory tactic:

Did you see the size of the Komodo Dragon's tongue?! It was super long, and by sticking it out as it walked, it was able to sample the air in search of prey. This reptile is really set up for success.

Now that you've seen how the Komodo Dragon hunts, you know it uses more than just smell to find its prey, it also uses taste. There's nothing that will hold back this animal from finding a good meal.