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Hungry Komodo Dragons Hunt Buffalo in Dire Times [VIDEO]

Komodo Dragons Hunt Buffalo

These Komodo dragons hunt buffalo more than three times their size when they are hungry enough.

This water buffalo is quietly enjoying a mud bath when a huge Komodo dragon walks up and torments him.

Watch as this huge buffalo slowly becomes the Komodo dragon's meal.


The water buffalo wasn't aware that it was in any danger since it was so much bigger than the dragon. When the dragon strikes, the buffalo is stunned. The Komodo dragon's venom is in the buffalo's body and it is sure to suffer a certain, slow death.

The Komodo dragon simply has to wait around long enough for its meal. Komodo dragons aren't the only animals that hunt with poison.

Who knew that Komodo dragons hunt buffalo that size? But desperate times call for desperate measure.

That dragon was hungry.

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Hungry Komodo Dragons Hunt Buffalo in Dire Times [VIDEO]