Idaho Elk Hunting Gets Intense When Female Hunter Stalks a Bedded Bull

Outdoors Allie embarks on her Idaho elk hunting adventure.

If you're going to elk hunt, you should highly consider doing it the way Outdoors Allie does.

In this recent video, she brings us along on her and her companion's Idaho public land elk hunting trip, in which they travel into the backcountry in search of a coveted bull elk to harvest.

Elk hunters are able to obtain elk tags and enjoy specific hunting opportunities thanks to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and the hunting season lasts from September (for archery) and the general season rolls into December (for other means of take).

Idaho hunting is always going to take a spot on most outdoorsmen and women's bucket lists, and even nonresident hunters have an opportunity.

Though Allie takes the DIY approach, there are tons of hunting outfitters that can help with guided hunts. Of all the big game you can pursue in the area, elk is probably the biggest draw. But there are mule deer hunts in some hunting areas, and over-the-counter deer tags aren't too difficult to come by.

Bottom line is, if you are lucky enough to get a tag, then the elk rut in Idaho is a fabulous time to go all out. It's a one of a kind hunting experience, and though the success rates aren't huge, Outdoors Allie shows us how exciting it can be.

She's an inspiration to public land archery hunters, and watching her videos is a motivational practice for everyone.