Bass Smashes Through Ice to Hit a Topwater Lure

This video destroys everything we think we know about bass behavior during cold weather.

When you see a bass chase a topwater bait, it generally doesn't look this. This bait is skating across the ice when a bass breaks through the surface to strike.

After watching this, you'll probably rethink how you fish for bass in cold weather. In fact, if you look closely in the follow video from Thrill On Fishing, you'll even see that a second bass is chasing the same bait, and they're competing for the tasty morsel.

Here's the video:

Why even pull out the auger when you can let the bass drill a hole through the ice for you? The video, originally posted by Sean Wit on Instagram is one of many pieces of amazing footage the angler has captured on camera. If you want to see more of his footage, check out his YouTube account under White Label Fishing.

If you want to see more exciting videos from Thrill On, you can visit their website, thrillon.com or visit their Facebook page.

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