Angler getting towed across the ice in his fishing shelter.
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Ice Fisherman Takes Hilarious Spill After Shanty Suddenly Gets Dragged Across the Lake

In what may be the funniest ice fishing video ever filmed, an angler's buddy takes off in his snowmobile with the ice shanty still attached!

Everyone has had their share of mishaps while fishing. Anyone who says they never have is either lying or they've simply never been fishing before. Sometimes our biggest mistakes are stupid little things where we should have known better before everything suddenly goes wrong.

We look back and laugh on some of those things today, but in the moment, we couldn't help but feel dumb.

Today's video is just one of those moments and fortunately for the Internet, the entire incident was captured on camera for the world to laugh at. A couple of ice fishing buddies are just setting up for some lake trout out on the ice in northern Minnesota when one of them leaves the ice shanty to go pick up another friend on his snowmobile.

Unfortunately for these guys, they have both forgotten the portable ice shelter is still tied to the snowmobile. One of them finds out in a hurry after the other guy starts speeding across the lake, completely oblivious to the fact he's dragging the shanty, his buddy, and all their fishing gear along with him! It's quite possibly the funniest ice fishing video we have ever seen, and we've seen some good ones in the past.

Insert "that escalated quickly" meme here. Those ice fishing shelters that attach to a sled are great and easy to setup. You just need to remember to unhitch them before your buddy takes off on the sled to go run an errand!

Fortunately for these guys, the only thing hurt in the incident was their pride. We're just curious how many other fishermen were on the ice cracking up at what was taking place with their neighbor? The fact that the video's uploader is laughing about the incident is enough for us to feel okay in sharing in the laughs too. That scream as he falls out of the shanty is nothing short of hilarious and is destinated to become a legendary Internet video for sure.

One thing is for sure, this is a story these guys will be telling for years to come. What an amazing and hilarious thing to capture on video. Sometimes the best fishing memories don't involve catching a fish at all!

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