Ice Fishing Sled

Ice Fishing Sleds: 5 Options For Hauling Your Gear This Winter

These are our picks for ice fishing sleds.

If you are like us, you have probably acquired a lot of ice fishing gear over the years. Rods, rod holders, reels, tip-ups, fish finders, heaters, ice augers, lures, and ice fishing shelters are heavy and take up a lot of space. That means a large sled to tote all that gear is a necessity for anglers. In many ways, a good sled is as valuable to anglers as a good set of base layers or waterproof bibs.

Fortunately, there are some great, durable sleds on the market these days that will haul all that gear with ease, making your ice fishing adventures much more enjoyable.

These are our top picks for the best ice fishing sleds on the market today. We're suggesting a variety of models to fit different budgets and needs.

Shappel Jet Sled

Ice Fishing Sled

We'll start off with a simple, heavy-duty sled made of rugged Polyethylene that should give you years of use in cold weather. These sleds get great reviews from users. Shappell makes this sled in three different sizes. From the 21x41-inch Jet Sled Jr, the 25x54 Jet Sled 1, -all the way to the 31x66 Jet Sled XL. We like that last one for anglers with large coolers and pop-up shelters. Considering they start at $28.99 for the Jr model, they are also extremely affordable.  

Cabela's Utility Ice Sled

Ice Fishing Sled

This heavy-duty sled is 49x26x10 inches and is perfect for hauling all your gear across the ice. This led is also made of rugged polyethylene. This sled features two bucket holders molded into the interior for helping to keep the load secure for your journey. We also appreciate the $49.99 price tag, and the fact these are made here in the U.S.A.

Otter Sport Sled

Ice Fishing Sled

Another durable, polyethylene sled. This one features a more aggressive leading edge, which helps considerably when pulling your gear through heavy snow. Otter Outdoors has reinforced the sled runners on this one to give more life to the sled. The convenient tow rope allows you to pull it behind a snowmobile or ATV. Many user reviews note they found extra uses for it working around the yard, or even hauling deer out during hunting season.

Pelican Multi-Purpose Utility Sled

Ice Fishing Sled

Pelican may be better known for their kayaks, but they have two solid sleds here that will work great for ice fishing. There are two sizes, the Trek 45, and the Trek 60. These sleds are made of heavy-duty plastic and are deep to help with more capacity. This sled has attachment points for bungee cables so you can secure everything down.

Otter Outdoors Pro Combo Utility Sled

Ice Fishing Sleds

For anglers who want a roto-molded pro sled that can be towed behind an ATV or snowmobile, the Otter Pro is a great option. This package includes a sled tow hitch, hyfax runner kit, and a sled travel cover to keep your gear dry on the way to your spot. Otter also sells lots of accessories for this model including seats and brackets. Just add a flip-over shanty and you're ready to go fishing.

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