10 Hypoallergenic Dogs That Go Easy On The Senses (And On The Eyes)

Allergy sufferers can turn to these hypoallergenic dog breeds for a companion who won't overpower the senses!

Let's clear one thing up: there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. While allergies and dander in pet hair are synonymous, the main source of dog-caused allergy symptoms are by contacting saliva or urine, which no dog could ever be free of. Pet hair, however, is one thing that can vary between breeds. Many breeds like Siberian Huskies and Labrador Retrievers are infamous for the incredible amount of hair they leave around, particularly when seasons change from winter to spring and coat blow overwhelms your house. If any person with allergies were to visit, well, let's just say they won't be staying very long.

As an alternative to these hyper-shedders, dog lovers may consider what are commonly refer to as hypoallergenic dogs — "Hypo-" means less than normal or to be in a lower state, so the word itself hints that these breeds are slightly less overpowering to allergy suffers, but they are not completely allergen-free. That said, these 10 lovable pets are known for shedding their coats much less than their dog park companions and offers a chance for people with mild allergies to be around them.

1. Maltese

Averaging about seven pounds, what a Maltese lacks in size it will most certainly make up for in personality. They're happy to be your lap dog but also happy to run a triathlon and chew every slipper in sight. The best part is that cuddle sessions will be no problem at all since their all-white coats are very hypoallergenic. Whether you keep their coat long or short makes no difference because dander rarely clings onto these sassy little pups.

2. Goldendoodle

These days, there probably isn't a corner you can cross where you don't see a Goldendoodle. As one of the most popular dogs to adopt right now, they're loyal, playful, great with kids, and essentially real-life teddy bears. They've got the friendliness of goldens right along with the intelligence of poodles, all in one adorable, hypoallergenic package. What else could you possibly want?

3. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are tiny best friends that come with a whole lot of affection. Also known as the "Lion Dog," that luscious mane (that I would genuinely pay money to have) is recognized as being incredibly hypoallergenic. You can also opt to keep their hair cut short, which is a very common look for these toy puppies.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

Bo Obama, the former presidential pet, was one of the most famous Portuguese Water Dogs, which led to their popularity skyrocketing in recent years. Originally bred to be a fisherman's helper, they'll never leave your side! Along with being hypoallergenic, these doggies are also extremely affectionate, loyal, adventurous, and very athletic. And to be honest: we should all strive to be described by the same four adjectives...

5. Yorkshire Terrier

One of the more popular choices in puppy, Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are one of the go-to lap dogs. Averaging about seven pounds, these feisty, fun-sized doggos have big personalities, but that's only more to love. Sure, they can be a bit bossy, tenacious, and vocal about their needs, but as far as their coats go, whether you leave them glossy and to the floor or kept short, they're very hypoallergenic.

6. Schnauzer

Mini schnauzer runs toward a camera.

Schnauzers are theoretically the perfect puppy companion, being high-spirited, enthusiastic, and very sociable creatures. Just don't get them around a squirrel. As well as being alert watchdogs, they're very protective of kids, making them a great choice for families! Best of all? No need to worry about shedding on the couch or getting the sniffles everyday, because their fur is completely hypoallergenic.

7. Bichon Frise

If the word "diva" were to be personified (or I guess, dog-sonified), the Bichon Frise is exactly what it would look like. This dog breed that is charming, intelligent, and unapologetic in always getting what they want. Known as the comedians of canines, you won't find a more confident, happy-go-lucky dog that assumes all strangers are just friends they haven't made yet. Their hypoallergenic coat is plush and velvety to the touch, which is perfect for cuddling!

8. Poodle

No worries if Goldendoodles just aren't your thing, because you can just go straight back to the source: Poodles. Known as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, they're easy to train and make perfect companions for any kind of household. The best part is that all varieties of Poodle fall under the same hypoallergenic umbrella — This includes the larger sized poodles, toy poodles, and even miniature versions.

9. Scottish Terriers

Everyone knows at least something about Scottish Terriers thanks to the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp, but what you may not know first-hand is that they're great pets in real life, too. They're independent, loving, and always down for a mean game of fetch. Since they were originally bred as hunters, their wiry, weather-resistant coats keep them protected in all climates and, more importantly, your sinuses protected from inflammation. (Yes, even those adorable beards are hypoallergenic.)

10. Chinese Crested Dog

A sure-fire way to guarantee that your dog is hypoallergenic is by adopting a dog with little to no fur at all, so it's no wonder that Chinese Crested Dogs are on this list. Don't let their intimidating exterior fool you; they're an extremely affectionate dog breed that will most certainly be needing your undivided attention. They're playful, loving, devoted, and they won't shed a single hair in the meantime!

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