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Husky Brother Not Sharing, TikTok Video Shows Moms Reaction

Can this husky be any more dramatic?

We love TikTok for bringing us adorable videos of German shepherds, Golden retrievers, Chihuahua's, and Dachshunds being their adorable selves. Another breed that tends to release many viral videos is the Siberian Husky. Huskies are known for being a pretty vocal breed.

Due to their big personalities, they have become quite the influencers on social media sites like TikTok. In one trending dog video, one pup throws a fit because his husky brother is not sharing. TikTok user 3crazyhuskies uploaded this hilarious video of a Siberian Husky being melodramatic because its brother would not share any treats.

Husky Brother Not Sharing TikTok Video


Is tragic. #dog #huskies #huskiesoftiktok #dogsoftiktok

? original sound - Marco, Mehkia, Arya

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3crazyhuskies has many video compilations of Marco, Mehkia, and Arya following their life in Washington with their dog mom. In true Husky fashion, many of them feature the unmistakable original sound of the Husky howl. Sometimes it is used just to greet the day, while other times, the huskies talk to each other.

While it's clear that these doggos are best friends, Marco will not share his treats with his husky sibling. Of course, the doggy has already eaten all of its treats, but common mom! Marco is not sharing! The dog's owner calls out the husky puppy for being a little dramatic even though all his fishies are gone.

His little howl is the funniest thing. He doesn't care that his fishies are gone, only that Marco has not finished them yet, and instead of sharing, he is just sitting there with the fish next to his head.

Sorry pup, I don't think mom is going to help you out with this one either. Though, I don't know a lot of people who could resist that adorable little face!

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