dogs in Hurtta jackets
Mateja Lane

Hurtta Products Gift Guide: Protect Your Hunting Dog from the Elements

Having the right gear for your hunting dog is important. 

Hunting dogs are not only out in the elements with you on your hunt, battling snow, sleet, and rain, but they are also running through sharp brambles, brush, and crawling through mud and dirt. That's where Hurtta gear comes in.

Hurtta is a Finnish company that specializes in protecting your outdoor dog in adverse conditions. Their products are made with incredible attention to detail and can truly hold up in the most extreme elements. The company launched in 2002 in snowy Finland, where a parka is required gear. Recognizing that certain dogs need an extra layer, Hurtta began creating dog jackets and booties for active, outdoor dogs to wear in all kinds of weather. Now they carry all sorts of active dog products from harnesses to dog backpacks to training gear.

Here are some Hurtta dog products that you and your pooch are sure to love.

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Coat

Hurtta Extreme Winter CoatThis waterproof dog coat is truly heavy duty. Complete with a tricot neck warmer that can be brought high up behind the ears, your dog won't be feeling that deep snow wearing one of these.

This coat is $98 but truly worth it if you and your dog will be trekking in super cold weather.

Hurtta Pet Collection Padded Y-Harness

hurtta dog harnessThis harness is simple but affective. With an easy, single buckle on the side, and padded straps, your dog will be more comfortable on a rope leash with this on. It is also reflective which will help when you and your pooch are on night walks.

This quality harness is $30 with free shipping.

Hurtta Collection Micro Fleece Jumpsuit for Pets

dog fleece jumpsuitThis fleece snowsuit is complete protection for the short-haired dog who gets easily chilled or even that big hairy dog that comes back with their fur all clumped up with snow. This is one serious body warmer!

This jumpsuit should fit your dog with a little room for easy movement. Measure the barrel of your dog's chest for optimal fit. This fleece suit costs $49.73 and will keep your dog cozy in adverse conditions.

Hurtta Outback Dog Boots 2-Pack

Hurtta Outback Dog BootsThese booties are not your average dog shoes. The Hurtta Outback boots have traction on the bottom for your pup to scramble up slick hills and leap over sharp rocks in hot pursuit of your quarry.

They cost $30 but are invaluable if your think about damaged paw pads.

Hurtta Pet Collection 12-Inch Winter Jacket

Hurtta Pet Collection 12-Inch Winter JacketThis winter coat is complete with fur lining for your dog to have an extra layer. It is also a bright, reflective color for your dog to stand out in the snow. It could be used as a dog raincoat in chilly weather, and makes for a great visibility vest, too.

This coat, $48.03, will protect your pup from the wind and the weather, and no snow is getting down his collar with the cinch feature!

When winter hits around the world, you shouldn't wait on outfitting your pup! Hurtta products are smart, well thought out, and make perfect high quality gifts for dog owners and their four-legged best friends.