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12 #HuntingDogs from Instagram to Get You Pumped for the Season

There’s something about having a four-legged pal on the hunt with you. 

Whether you are in the duck blind and your pooch is retrieving your ducks for you, or you are tracking larger game through the deep woods, there is something special about having a dog by your side.

Here are 12 faithful hunting dogs from the Instagram hashtag #HuntingDogs to get you pumped for opening season.

1. It’s been a good day. 

The kind of hunting buddy that would never cancel plans. #huntingdog #waterfowl

A photo posted by Bass Pro Shops (@bassproshops) on

2. Also a woman’s best friend.

3. Ready, so ready. 

4. On the scent. 

#dogs #perros #huntingdog #hunting

A photo posted by Carlos CazaenVena (@cazaenvena) on

5. Proud rooster chaser.

6. Patient waiter. 

Happy national dog day 🙂 #huntingdog #labsofinstagram #blacklab #wherearethebirds #nationaldogday #son

A photo posted by Alexia Arietta (@alexia_anne1) on

7. Loyal pig hunter.

8. Showing the youngun’s the ropes. 

9. Birdog beachin’.

10. As happy as you are.

11. Keeping the ticks away, too. 

12. Hunting with your best friend doesn’t get much better.

Hopefully you and your pooch got some good training in during the dog days of summer because opening day is just around the corner!

Know that your hunting dog will love you no matter how successful you are this season…

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12 #HuntingDogs from Instagram to Get You Pumped for the Season