Hunting Underwear

Hunting Underwear? Yeah, It’s a Thing

If you haven't already heard of it, we would like to introduce to the wonderful world of hunting underwear. We're not talking about layers like long Johns, but actual undergarments and how they can help you to remain comfortable on stand and keep you scent free.

Whether you realized it or not, being properly dressed for your hunts starts right at the skin with some hunting underwear. With high standards and reasonable prices, these manufacturers have come through for us again in the long battle to hunt all day with little discomfort. This may not be what you first think when you consider hunting clothing, but we owe it to ourselves to be dressed for the occasion.

Even though this is a single use garment that only you (or a loved one) will see, it still serves a purpose as a hunting tool. Heck, you might even see a pair here that makes you look good as well!

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1. The Best Scent-Killing Option

Sitka Merino Core Lightweight Boxer $40, Amazon

Why We Selected It:

Sitka is one of the most trusted names for outdoorsmen everywhere and when they offer a pair of sweat-wicking boxers that neutralize odors the way that these do, you need to know about it.

Favorite Features:

Merino natural odor protection and moisture wicking ability.


  • Fits to size all the way up to 3XL


  • Material might seem a little thin. A bit pricey for a pair of underwear.

With so many good brands on the market today vying for your hard-earned money, Sitka continues to produce some can't miss gear, but you still need to vet it for yourself. The Merino wool core neutralizes your human smell by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This goes a long way towards stopping your scent from escaping your clothing, and these are equipped for it.

This is another small way in which hunters can put aside the worry of getting busted by whitetail deer and other wild game that uses their nose for a living. For sitting on stand, walking, or dragging a deer without chafing, this pair of undergarments will do the trick.

2. The Best for a Backcountry Hunt

hunting underwear


KUIU Merino Boxer Brief, $26, Amazon

Why We Selected It:

It's lightweight, naturally odor resistant, and has an athletic fit.

Favorite Features:

The Nuyarn Merino wool.


  • Is made for extended wear with a great comfortable feel.


  • Not our favorite choice for warmer conditions.

These Merino wool boxer briefs will give you an odor-resistant and moisture-wicking way to stay warm on stand or comfortable as you walk to and from it. These are a great option for longer backpack hunts where you will need to be in the field for multiple days without a change.

The excellent athletic fit will keep you comfy while doing a lot of walking, and while they are listed as being for hot to frigid weather, you may want to stick with your regular underwear until you are ready to sit for long periods in the heat. We've really grown to love KUIU's products the last few seasons and this underwear is no exception.

3. The Pair With the Most Room

Nomad Durawool Camo Boxer Jock, $14.99-$45, Amazon

Why We  Selected It:

Hunters do a heck of a lot of walking, and they need a base layer that is comfortable and form fitting.

Favorite Features:

Good crotch gusset that gives a lot of room to maintain freedom of movement.


  • Highly breathable 170 GSM Merino wool that stretches with you.


  • 60 percent Merino wool is a bit less than other options.
  • Must be hand-dried.

For hunters that like to have a little "room to roam" down there, this is a good choice. And we're suckers for a good pair of hunting boxers or briefs in one of our favorite camo patterns. Since your body deserves some comfort, it is good to know that this boxer short's material has the hydrophobic qualities to transport sweat away from your skin. You really don't want to put these undergarments in the dryer, but they are completely machine washable and are quite durable after multiple washings.

4. The Best Value for Turkey Hunting

Mossy Oak Cotton Boxer, $25, Amazon

Why We Selected It:

Since Mossy Oak was founded back in 1986, we've come to trust them as a reliable hunting garment company that offers a lot of value.

Favorite Features:

Comfortably fitting cotton with a fully functional front pouch opening.


  • Fits to size.
  • Comes in a two-pack.


  • A basic cotton choice that isn't meant for scent concealment.

Mossy Oak is the first choice for many hunting enthusiasts and outdoorsmen the world over so it stands to reason that they know how to make other types of clothing for hunters. This underwear come in pairs and at a great price point making it a bargain for those buying it for themselves, or those buying it as a gift. The downside to this underwear is that it is cotton. That means it won't be as warm, nor as good at masking scent. We like this option for spring turkey hunts where scent isn't a factor.

5. The Best Value for a Single Pair

Mothwing Peak Endurance Underwear, $14.99

Why We Selected It:

At $14.99, this is one of the most affordable options out there.

Favorite Features:

Extremely durable stretch fabric that uses a vaunted and technological advanced moisture control system.


  • Great price point.
  • Anti-microbial Guardian Scent guard.


  • Doesn't fit as well as true boxer briefs.

Whether you're hunting or hiking, just having a pair of cotton briefs may not be enough for the stress of the walking that you will do. Since Moisture-wicking underwear is essential on backcountry hunting or camping trips, embracing styles like a boxer brief means better airflow and a chafe-free time on the trail or in the stand.

This underwear does a great job of wicking away moisture and making your walks more comfortable. At $14.99, this is one of the best values out there for dedicated hunting underwear.

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