4 Great Hunting Trips to Introduce a Female to the Sport


While many of us first dipped our toes in the hunting waters chasing whitetails at a young age, deer hunting isn't always the best way to get a newbie hooked on hunting.

Pursuing backcountry big game in archery season might be in her distant future, but these four outdoor adventures will be a better way for a new female hunter to cut her teeth.

Upland Out West

Fun, low-pressure hunts are great for introducing new hunters, and I can't think of anything more enjoyable than watching a bird dog work. If your wife, daughter or female friend would rather walk and talk with friends than quietly sit alone in a treestand for hours, an upland hunt fits the bill. Consider booking with an outfitter in midwest or western states, including South Dakota, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. You'll have the opportunity to hunt pheasant, quail and other birds -- some even on public land.

Waterfowl Wherever



Another trip that involves building camaraderie as much as hitting limits is a waterfowl hunt. Posting up in a blind with other female hunters, then eating breakfast snacks and sipping coffee while waiting for birds is sure to get a woman hooked. I had a blast doing exactly this in Kansas a few years ago. Other great spots to book a guided hunt range from Maryland's Eastern Shore to North Dakota to Washington.

Midwest Spring Gobbler

It's not too difficult to tag out on a turkey hunt in states like Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. There's nothing like hearing the echo of a thundering gobble at dawn, and running and gunning is anything but boring. Depending on where you're turkey hunting, your new hunter will get a shot at several different subspecies and even hybrid birds.

Texas Everything



Whitetail, turkeys, hogs, exotics -- Texas has it all. You'll almost certainly have to book with a guide to hunt the Lone Star State, but it's absolutely worth it. While I'm not a fan of high-fence outfitters, Texas is still a great option for fair chase hunting with incredibly high success rates. The opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife and hunt with just about any tackle makes a great first-time experience for new women hunters.

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