Hunting Firearm Technology

Hunting Firearm Technology and the Revolution It's Leading

Hunting firearm technology has been changing the face of our sporting outdoor pursuits from the beginning.

During our human race's extensive journey through hunting, from primitive spears and knives to sophisticated traps and bows to modern firearms, the advancements have never stopped changing. The hunting tools have changed, be they stone and flint or bronze and iron or stainless steel and carbon fiber.

Once we could increase our distance from the animals that we hunted, we found more success and could be safer doing it. No longer did we have to sling arrows or an atlatl to down our game, but instead could hit them hard with a lethal projectile and put them down for the count.

The firearms industry has continued to evolve and innovate, and here are a few big reasons why.

Peace of Mind


Even the most ardent bowhunters will admit their method of take has a larger margin for error. A powerful firearm combined with a well-placed shot will always be more likely to turn into a punched tag and successful harvest.

For those who hunt in areas where a bear or a mountain lion can and will try to take their hard-earned game harvest, it gives them a small insurance policy to reclaim their prize or at least be safe as they exit the woods.


When I first began to hunt I was given a hand-me-down Winchester pump shotgun with a hammer that had to be cocked in order to be fired. Each time I fired it and then pumped it, the hammer would lock back into the firing position, ready for the next shot. It wasn't the safest method. 

Modern firearms are now among the safest, most reliable hunting tools that we use, with very little exception. Gun companies have emphasized safe storing, handling, and owning of guns, and have played a great part in making firearms safety training a regular part of the industry.

Universal Skill Level

From youth shooters to weekend plinkers to seasoned hunters, modern firearm technology has helped speed up the time and effort it can take to become proficient and safe using today's guns and ammunition.

These systems are updated on what seems like a daily basis, but it's often enough to ensure that each shooter can attain the skills needed to not only be safe while shooting, but successful, and that's a great thing for anyone who would like to learn or become better.

Odds of Success

This is the most obvious choice for all of us. A quality, well-built, modern firearm extends your ethical range, increases the chance of a well-placed lethal shot, and increases your success ratio.

It wasn't long after I stopped using that old Winchester that I noticed how much better (and safer) today's firearms could be. And best of all, they were easier to use and be more accurate with.

There can be no doubt that our esteemed firearm manufacturers have bent over backwards to make great products. The idea is that someday they will be passed down to our kids to enjoy using as much as we did. For me, that's a major part of all of this.

The Real Revolution

Getting more kids and first time hunters afield is a big priority. The next generation of hunters are climbing the ladder to hunting success, and it's important that we help that happen. Modern firearms and their technology have come a long ways towards making us the best hunters and shooters that we can be. By all accounts, it appears the gun manufacturers haven't stopped yet.

If you're like me, then you can't wait to see what they come up with next. Whether it's lighter, stronger materials, the next breed of ammunition, or sophisticated optics, our firearms are seeing a serious revolution.

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