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A Hunting Camera to Capture the Kill, Not Kill the Shot


Hunting cameras are everywhere, so what's our pick?

Hunting cameras have blown up in popularity and availability. It's almost becoming the norm to film your own hunts, or at least be intrigued by the idea.

With so many decisions to make, we sought out a camera that could do equally well in the field as it does on the water, so that all our outdoor adventures can be easily and almost effortlessly captured to review, share, and remember.

Where'd we find it? From an emerging company called WASPcam, who's putting their electronics skills and outdoor passions together for the ultimate camera and accessories.

Great setup from Pro Staffer Colin Belle.

Posted by WASPcam on martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

One of the biggest initial draws was WASPcam's jam packed features list that comes with virtually every camera and package, making their entire lineup worthy of checking out. Waterproof without a case, these cameras can record HD video at 1440p/30fps, and up to 16 megapixel photos. 

The LCD screens are easy to see, especially under natural sunlight, plus the built-in WiFi and wireless wrist remote make it the totally connected camera we've been trying to find.

The 9906 CAMO version is specifically designed to be the perfect hunter's camera. The camouflage pattern on the exterior serves the obvious purpose, but the user has the ability to cover all camera lights, sounds, and essentially enter a stealth mode. Never again will a deer get spooked by a focusing lens or shutter click.

Heck, you might as well take a look at the Hunter's Bundle, which pairs the 9906 CAMO with a Dog Harness Mount for man's best friend, a Billet Aluminum Tactical Style Grip for easy control, and a Power Stubbie Mount, which is a battery-operated power pole mount that can extend your camera's battery life by up to 400%.

Ideally, hunters can find a camera that fits their needs and allows them to enter the filming game relatively easily. What makes WASPcam so cool is the fact that they fully acknowledge this. They know some folks can edit and produce beautiful, full-length features with the equipment they make, but not everyone wants to take it that far.

If you really want to capture footage of your outdoor adventures, and easily save and share it with a few simple steps, than a WASPcam needs to be on your radar.

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A Hunting Camera to Capture the Kill, Not Kill the Shot