pronghorn hunting
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Hunters Stalk Pronghorn Behind Giant Cow Cutout


When bowhunting for pronghorn, you sometimes have to get creative.

Pronghorn are some of the most coveted game animals in North America, known for owning the Great Plains with their sheer abundance.

They aren't the easiest animals to hunt, however, which is largely due to the terrain they inhabit. Wide-open plains offer them great visibility, and typically force hunters to shoot from some eye-squinting distances.

While long distances offer hunters a unique challenge when and where it's legal to use a rifle, it creates a seemingly impossible situation for bowhunters.

However, our friends from Drury Outdoors shared a clip of an unconventional approach we bet you've never seen before!


Watch the video below:

I wish we could've seen how this hunt ended for a couple reasons. First, I'm surprised none of those pronghorn smelled these hunters. I have to imagine they were about sniff these guys out even if the wind was favorable.

Not only that, but how would they take the shot with the bow? Would they go around the decoy? Above it? Below it? Or, would they draw back, stay ready to take the shot and then quickly drop the decoy?


Either way, this definitely was a cool idea. You pretty much only ever see this type of strategy employed when people hunt turkeys, which don't have as strong of a sense of smell.

Have you ever stalked an animal using this method? What did and didn't work for you? Let us know!