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Hunter is Suing Glock for $1 Million Because of His 'Exploding Pistol'

On Tuesday, a magistrate judge heard the case of the hunter who is suing Glock.

Although the accident occurred in 2012, the suit was filed in 2015 and was not heard until now.

The man is suing the Georgia-based company, along with other outdoor and ammo companies: included in the suit are the companies Glock, Guns and Gear, Buffalo Bore Ammunition, Cabela's Wholesale Inc., as well as a retailer in Hartford, Connecticut.

The gun in question is a Glock 10mm semi-automatic pistol.

Thomas J. Rooke, the attorney, writes in the complaint that Rodney McDonald was traveling with members of a hunting group to Blandford State Forest when the group decided to shoot some targets, and McDonald borrowed another group member's gun. He shot twice, and on the third shot, the gun allegedly exploded.

The explosion reportedly caused McDonald to suffer hearing loss, loss of sensation in one of his hands and an injury to his leg.

Attorney Rooke said a ballistics 'dissection' of the weapon is still pending.

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