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Police Bodycam Footage Shows Fatal Shooting

YouTube: PoliceActivity

Bodycam shows fatal police shooting in the Charlotte suburbs.

This fatal police shooting shows the operational procedures officers take in real life.

This video is posted strictly for informational and educational purposes: it takes an extreme amount of focus and clarity in situations like this because of all the variables involved, and it's good that this confrontation was left in the hands of professionals.

Watch the video below:

We certainly never want people to get shot. However, these officers are called to duty and are doing their job.

The man who was shot pointed a rifle at the officer, leaving him no choice but to engage.

This encounter proves that operations can be handled properly, and officers repeatedly gave orders for the man to get down. The officer made a long shot protecting he and his comrades from being shot with a long rifle.

Once again, this video is for educational purposes only, and we hope that it does just that. We hope it teaches how to interact with officers properly by listening to them instead of trying to take matters into one's own hands.

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Police Bodycam Footage Shows Fatal Shooting